Overland motorcycle travel author, strong desires and infinite dreams
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Graham Field is the author of motorcycle adventure travel books: In Search of Greener Grass, Ureka & Different Natures.

Travel on his mind, bikes in his blood and little in his wallet, Graham's low budget journeys of humour and honesty have inspired many to hit the road in search of their dreams. A solo traveller at heart, his observations and occasional relations, take his readers with him to Mongolia, Iraq, the Arctic Circle and many other distant destinations.

With a lifetime's worth of travel anecdotes and hard earned wisdom, Graham's view of the planet is unique and contagious.

Twice nominated as 'most inspiring adventure rider' by Adventure Bike TV. Multiple Amazon 5 star reviews.

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Raw Radio - Graham Field

6 MB 4:20 min

Bands tour to promote their music to a wider audience, that's how they generate record sales. Likewise, when I do a presentation, the entertainment value of my stories and anecdotes generally increases the popularity of my books and audio books. Here is a 6-minute edited mix of some highlights taken from this year’s European tour.

Adventure Rider Radio RAW

With over 1 million downloads Adventure Rider Radio is the most popular adventure motorcycle travel podcast in the world.

ARR RAW is a spin-off show with discussions about motorcycles, travel and anything else that crosses our minds completely unscripted, raw and personal.

At the virtual round table, we have our regulars: Graham Field, Grant Johnson, Sam Manicom, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Brian Rix and Adventure Rider Radio host, Jim Martin.


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