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Boxed 3 Book Set - £37.99 + P&P




Good news, the box set is back.

Due to an overwhelming demand the promotion promised as a ‘limited edition’ has become a mainstream product.

It took a while for people to recognise the potential, beauty and uniqueness of this inspired piece of bookshelf bling but after a period of procrastination its popularity proved priceless. Well actually it did have a price, it was basically free, an incentive and thank you for buying all three books at once.

So do not feel regret if you were one of the brave first buyers as that pannier replica remains unduplicated. This new one has added adornment in the form of additional stickers from some lovely sponsors. With an increased stock I’m able to offer a choice of box only, and for those of you who already have the books and also a 3 item combination special. So, for example, buy a book, T-shirt and the 2 CD audiobook and Da-daaa! you get a free replica pannier box. What do you think? Pretty good eh?


Weight 1900 g


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