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Boxed 3 Book Set – £45.99 free postage




Travellers collect moments
Travel writers collect memories
Motorcycle travellers collect stickers


Contained within this sticker festooned pannier boxset of overland motorcycle adventures is the best and worst of everything a solo traveller finds on the road. The highs of undiscovered lands and lows of loneliness, reflections from inside the helmet, interactions that only occur with the magnetic intrigue that a motorcycle on foreign soil can generate.

Jump on and join the author on route to Mongolia, Siberia, Iraq, the Arctic, Mexico and all the places in-between. Laugh out loud in your virtual helmet at his observations and anecdotes, lean back and consider the road learnt wisdoms, and feel free to frown at his imperfections and excesses. Revel in the addictive exhilaration of discovery, as you lean around the next corner.

These three established books are bought together for the page turning devoted to devour in one momentous motorcycle ride through countless countries on a budget so small it’s best not contemplated. Come away inspired, informed, encouraged, entertained, and with living proof that this planet is actually a place of goodness, and a dream journey is very achievable with nothing but determination.

In the box:

Weight 1900 g


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