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Bulgarian 3 book box set (in English)



3 Book Boxset special. ‘Eureka’ the discovery. ‘Near Varna’ the relocation. ‘Not Working’ the living.

‘Bulgarian pannier box set’ limited time special price £45.99 with  stickers while stocks last.

Bulgarian 3 book box set 

Eureka was the book in which I discovered Bulgaria, to be fair I clearly wasn’t the first, seems people had settled here long before I crossed the Danube from Romania into this country where I now live. But it documents my first impressions and how its empty spaces and different natures instantly appealed me and my better nature. I rode through it on my way to Iraq and again on my way back from the Caspian Sea. The place had a profound effect on me, I felt I’d found greener grass. I’ve been lucky enough to see much of the planet, I know every country has its pros and cons, even evident to someone passing through, but Bulgaria had something that planted the seed of resettlement and that is where the story of Near Varna really starts. Hence this Bulgarian themed three book box set, an intro, an invite and an update, all neatly packaged in a replica of a pannier that I packed when I relocated my life here.

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