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Little m Press | Graham Field

What can Little m Press do for you?

As I have journeyed into the world of publishing I have inevitably and inadvertently discovered many things. It’s been a steep learning curve on a hard road, rampant with highway robbery and pitfalls to extort cash from the inexperienced and unsuspecting author.

Having now published three books I have learned how to steer clear of a lot of the hazards out there. I have found professional, experienced, conscientious, reliable, honest people, whose individual expertise makes the transition from a word document to a beautifully published book, cost effective and efficient.

Little m Press is my own independent publishing company, and I can provide every service necessary including: copy edit, proof read, photo setting, map production, ISBN number, bar code, cover design, typeset, e-book formatting, book printing, flyers, stickers, pop-up banners, and ultimately Amazon stocking and listing.

It’s been a tough journey but I now have connections in every aspect of production and can offer a full production package or any part of.

The only service I am unable to offer at this point is retail distribution. Once Amazon has stocked your title the rest is down to you. Hey, if it was easy everyone would do it.PowerPoint Slide Show - [christmas book ad] 27012015 235755
Contact: Graham@Grahamfield.co.uk and tell me your needs.


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