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In the last couple of years the two questions I’ve been asked most frequently have been ‘Where to next?’ and ‘When’s the next book coming out?’ Well, I have the answers - ‘Bulgaria’ and ‘Now-ish’. Might sound as a rather short response but I’ll let the new Near Varna book illuminate.

What we have here in Near Varna is the next instalment, another brutally honest and insightful diary in a lifetime of searching for contentment. A reckless gamble based on a gut feeling, giving up everything familiar and relocating. I found Bulgaria had an abundant lack of all the things I didn’t like. This is what happens when you find the courage to say ‘I don’t like it here anymore, I'm going to see what it’s like to live over there.’

On Midsummer’s Day 2015 I embark on what I expected to be an unadventurous European tour with my KTM to present at a couple of Horizon Unlimited events, first to Northern Ireland and then ride across ten borders to Bulgaria. Almost immediately, and some would say inevitably, there were problems and the journey didn’t go according to plan. Facing imminent homelessness, I felt that the oyster my world had previously been was now resembling a mere shell of its former self. Decisions had to be made.

This book is about the thrill of the first few steps in a new location, I ended up living in the European Union’s more easterly member, only 300 miles from the Asian continent. 25 years since the fall of communism it still felt in many ways like a place where east meets west. There was a lot to learn, not least the Cyrillic alphabet and Slavic language. I had moved to a world where I had become speechless and illiterate. This diary takes you through the haphazard transition of giving up on the land I was born into and discovering there is more to the transition than physical relocating. There were many ties from my previous existence that kept pulling me back. A lifetime of travel and something in the way I rode had bought me to a place near Varna, and I was ready to put down roots. The grass was greener and I had high hopes as my dreaded fiftieth birthday loomed on an inescapable horizon.

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