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Different Natures | Graham Field

My brand new book is ready…

Available below with one click or on Kindle via Amazon.

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Different Natures takes you on three journeys. Each gives an honest and passionate insight into the evolution of a compulsive traveller. Looking for direction with the wrong eyes spawned Graham’s lust for wandering, the miles cleared his vision and the hunger for longer distance grows with an insatiable appetite for new experiences.

Based on his diaries spanning a twelve year period of travel from the Arctic Circle to Mexico, Graham Field’s journeys are his life. Inevitably these experiences increase his awareness as he passes through various natures of both a reluctant maturity and the extreme environments between his destinations.

From midnight sun to darkest nights, there’s as much diversity in these tales as common threads.


RiDE Magazine Review


I wanted to call this book ‘The Motorcycle Dairies – Milking the Success of the First Two Books’ however I was advised by Authors of experience and wisdom to choose a more sensible title. You’d know the people in question but it would be wrong to start name dropping in the first paragraph. The reason for my original title was because, instead of riding off in search of new subject matter, I regressed into my diaries to recall past trips. However I ended up totally reliving the journeys (which is why I suppose, I keep a diary).  As I read and reflected, I saw patterns, insights and events that instigated what was to come, it all made perfect sense. This is a book of three different journeys that pave the way to and between my other books, filling in spaces and answering questions. They all start in Colorado, where, for a while I lived my other life, the place I’d run to when I wanted to escape my Essex existence.

The first journey was in 2001, 10 States in 13 days. Reading through that diary, I was slightly disturbed to see how debauched my life was then. Looking back with wiser eyes it’s no wonder that I struggled to cope with reality, when I put so much effort into avoiding it. However, I found myself both smiling and cringing at those self-indulgent and mostly innocent days.

10 state map

The second journey was in 2007, a 12,000 mile trip to Alaska, with two friends, at least on the way up. There I found a wilderness I didn’t even know I was missing, and the seed was sown for the search of greener grass.

alaska map

The third story is from 2012, solo to Mexico by both circumstance and preference. My expectations weren’t great but the events exceeded them. A motorcycle ride is always remarkable, this one was the precursor to the journey to Iraq that inspired Ureka.

mexico map

These are, as always my diaries, they are brutally honest, exposing myself, my thoughts, emotions, observations and ultimately my life on and off the road. The different natures of growing older and more informed as well as the environmental transitions, through the awe of Arctic tundra, high altitude existences, geological phenomenon’s, desolate desert, Pacific Ocean escapism and everything that happened in between. So you see, it’s still a pretty clever title and it has the approval of Mr. Simon and Mr. Manicom.

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  2. Hugo June 3, 2015 at 1:59 pm


    Hallo Graham,

    I’m just arriving at the conclusion of your excellent ‘Ureka’. A lot of it has resonated with me, particulalrly, for some reason, your ‘castigation’ of those who make negative comments from the safety of their computer, which you rightly suggest is all they appear to have. Not that I intend to make negative comments regarding what you say and do with your life as I find your book inspiring, a negative comment would have a hard time hatching within my thought processes.

    No…it’s this..I’m 63 almost 64 and just bought a Honda CBF 125, partly due to reading your book and partly because life was becoming stale as a week old slice of bread left in the breadbin and forgotten about.

    I simply wanted to thank you for the book and just to say that I have a problem riding from Watford to North Harrow and I have yet to do it! Anxiety being my biggest ‘design fault’ never mind riding across europe and around Albania etc!! It’s a beautiful book mate and I hope that I can find the bollocks to at least get to North Harrow…soon.

    I’m looking forward to passing the bike test Graham as, believe it or not, I fancy a Kawasaki VN classic 900 and a trip to Patagonia!! I’ll let you know if it ever happens. I’m determined to give it a shot…

    but first…
    …North Harrow!!

    All the best… I’ll be getting ‘Different Natures’ soon as.


  3. Hugo June 4, 2015 at 5:24 pm


    It’s no good Graham… I had to buy ‘In Search of Greener Grass’ aswell!

    All the best,


  4. Oscar Andrade September 16, 2016 at 12:00 pm


    Graham I’m glad I found you , just browsing I reAlly like the simple writing shows a free hearth , I will departure in a month to ushuai from la Paz south America , I though it will be hard to find someone’s with with my schedules likes or hope, so I recall that my bike has all that, it was a pleasure read about your humble experiences thank you for sharing , oscar.


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