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Written In Stone

The full size of the rock is now evident. 

Written in Stone 2

Using scaffold poles that could do with being twice the length, the rock leaves its bed.

Written In Stones 3

Although I didn’t know it at the time, getting the rock to this point had broken my back.

Written In Stone - grahamfield

A temporary resting place.

KLR model

My KLR model gave me an idea.


Yep it fits.

Standing rock

The last push and the rock is standing.

Back Bone

My back gets bolted together.


Five years later I have an idea.

Rock tattoo

A rock tattoo, engraving is a more common term I think, sculpture even.

Dusty Inscription On rock

So begins the dusty inscription.

Intense Concentration written on rocks

Intense concentration as mistakes are not easily corrected.

Colouring Inscription On rocks

Now the colouring in starts.

Written On rock - Grahamfield

I’ve done it.

Written on rocks - Grahamfield 1

Give it a wash and it turns out to be quite striking.

Written on Rock - washed

I’ve even made a little flower bed.

Written In stone season

Written in stone for seasons to come.

Near Varna Cover Spread

So now I have my rock book title tattoo.

Bolivia Diary

I predict pilgrimages. 

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