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Ukraine free audio book download.

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Ukraine free audio book download.

This excerpt is mine, and only mine, experience of a ten day ride I did through the Ukraine. It was part of a much longer journey from the UK to Mongolia, through Russia and beyond, from a book called ‘in search of greener grass’


I believe that travel turns a country that was just a shape on the atlas, a name in a news report, into something real. It becomes personal: real people with real lives, and first hand experiences. And in case you have never had the pleasure of visiting Ukraine I’d like to share my view, my impression.

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If you feel that this insight I give you is of any value at all, then my efforts to offer my views were not in vain. Now, if you can put a price on that value please take the time to just send a quid or a dollar and any denomination of your currency to the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund:



 I know you are not an oligarch; we are all struggling to some degree, but a token donation will make a difference, anything is better than nothing.

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Thank you, be safe and don’t read fiction.

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3 thoughts on “Ukraine free audio book download.”

  1. Listening to your story as you travel to Ukraine and crossing paths with so many people as they go about their lives from corrupt cops to the guy in the wooden shed selling beer it strikes deeper, I can’t imagine how those people feel as their lives are wrecked to satisfy global politics, self-serving gobshite and greed. Donation made, thanks.

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