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IMG 9789

The full size of the rock is now evident. 

IMG 9788

Using scaffold poles that could do with being twice the length, the rock leaves its bed.

IMG 9792

Although I didn't know it at the time, getting the rock to this point had broken my back.

IMG 9793

A temporary resting place.

IMG 9805

My KLR model gave me an idea.

IMG 9804

Yep it fits.

20200809 171540

The last push and the rock is standing.

Picasa 3 13122020 105201

My back gets bolted together.

20200803 173413

Five years later I have an idea.

20201127 110638

A rock tattoo, engraving is a more common term I think, sculpture even.

20201127 115523

So begins the dusty inscription.

20201128 074218

Intense concentration as mistakes are not easily corrected.

20201128 101420

Now the colouring in starts.

20201128 121706

I've done it.

20201128 122042

Give it a wash and it turns out to be quite striking.

20201129 081545

I've even made a little flower bed.

20201130 092214

Written in stone for seasons to come.

Near Varna 2020 Cover Spread Google Chrome 08062020 103822

So now I have my rock book title tattoo.

Bolivia Diary 3.18

I predict pilgrimages.