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Price: £175

Pros: Light, compact, versatile.

​Cons: Not good for cold weather but it doesn't pretend to be.

​The Bottom Line: Ideal for compact travelling.


Quality: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Performance: 3/5

Durability: 4/5

Extras: 5/5

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I thought dispatch had made a mistake, there can’t be anything in the package. I've got a full-size adult bag and it weighs 660 grams; I can’t print a book that light.

It came in a sturdy zip up bag the size of a big shoe box; this is its long-term home so the down doesn’t get permanently compressed.

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There is a stuff bag too for when it’s out on the road. its illogical how a full-size bag compacts into the stuff sack. It’s not an easy task but if you want to circulate the blood after a chile night this is the perfect exercise. Once compressed it takes up about the same amount of room as 2 cans of beans. I measured it with a hight of 23cm and circumference of 37cm diameter 11cm. I've had stuff sacks in the past with snapped brittle buckles that can't handle the tension, not this is got the feel of quality.

One of its selling points was it dual purpose abilities, I was dubious like a sofa bed often something that tries to do two things doesn’t do either very well. It opens out like a duvet, this is due to it having a drawstring top and bottom, incidentally that drawstring at the bottom means if your feet are cold you can stick them out nearer the camp fire or to keep them cool , now unzipped it can be put in a duvet cover, and actually it’s an ideal guest bedding, or if you find yourself in a guesthouse with unsavoury bedding. wouldn’t give you a lot of protection for a cold night but in the house its ideal. But that’s a bonus not a buying factor. For me it’s best for those weekends away. I don’t want to pack like I'm going on an expedition, just tent, sleeping bag, matters and toothbrush. This sleeping bag complements that style of packing. I don’t doubt it will be good for longer trips, it certainly has the quality to last, in fact the workmanship is comforting in itself, it a pleasure to own something so well made.

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The biggest thing to bear in mind is its comfortable temperature range. It is not a winter bag. Below 10°C you may find yourself wriggling to keep warm. However a liner or good mattress will increase the temperature

There website has all the technical stuff you need to know but basically its 100% Nylon and has Duck down filling that has a specification meaning that 1oz on down will re expand to 750 cubic inches after compression. In layman’s terms it much bigger once it’s out the stuff pack and whether rapped round like a blanket as you socialise outside you tent or zipped up for the night it’s an excellent bit of kit. Beware of those frosty mornings would be my only advice. Overall the quality of this product shines through, it’s a pleasure to own.