I haven’t really been keeping this up to date have it? Where once were blogs and news there is now Facebook and Twitter, it’s instant and easy. And I think it’s this instant ease that has generated a general feeling of wanting immediate information, short, concise and pictures, always pictures.

Equally having spent the worst of the winter on a 3 month motorcycle trip from Colorado down to Central America

I really didn’t want to spend road time in from of the computer screen…but I did anyway. Not online though, the new book required an infinite amount of pre publication work. This meant I had to frequently find a pleasant place on route and stop for a few days. Consequently a lot of beautiful scenery and sunsets were viewed with a laptop in the foreground.

The result though is a very polished finished item. I’ve been back two weeks and it’s been nonstop, and now it feels like everything is coming back to life. As I glanced up from loading the van for my first show of the year at the Ace Cafe in London I noticed the daffodils, next week I hope to find time to stop and smell the.
The new book is ready to go to print, deep breath. Following this link will tell you all about the subject matter and how for a limited time it can be pre-ordered and posted to you free of charge.
It is being done through a ‘crowd-funding’ site and this for me has become yet another internet addiction to see how close to my target I am, still it stops me from looking at Facebook, it’s like replacing Heroin with methadone.
Happy Spring
Different Natures Cover Spread v3.pdf - Adobe Reader 17032015 191702

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