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Coolest font ever | Graham Field

My brand new mega-cool website is now up and running for the world to see. It is better that I dared dream it would be. This blog/newsfeed thingy goes straight to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. The site has some awesome bits (don’t know the terminology) but it’s definitely awsome.

A massive thank you to Robert Sarjant at http://www.longmanwebdesign.co.uk/

He is the man, on time, on budget and honourable, not to mention highly skilled in his site building ability. It’s all come together just in time for this weekend’s London Motorcycle Show, where I will be on The Adventure Bike Shop stand with Sam Manicom and Chris Scott, see ya there.


  1. Peter Clark March 22, 2014 at 12:00 am


    Hello Graham,
    It was with no small amount of pleasure that I had the chance to meet you at the London bike show and talk
    with enthusiasm about motorcycle travel in general and your travels in particular. This also gave me the chance
    to purchase a copy of ‘greener’… which, as written in diary fashion is perfect to pick up and read when I give my-
    self a break in the workshop.
    I have just left Crimea (in your book) and feel in a small way like I have felt much of the journey you’ve taken on.
    It was apparent by page 2 that you do not suffer fools gladly but cloak everything with good humour and fine
    observation which takes the reader (me) right into the world you are in at the time.
    This is a new world for me, I have spent 10 years travelling europe on a Harley ‘Low rider’ to developed cities and
    comfortable (mostly) hotels mostly on my own never experiencing the world of tenting, and I feel the less for it.
    With a change of ride in mind I bought, in November, a BMW GS LC (Oh god no what a cliche) not to go ‘overland’
    but just a style alternative, on the internet from Motorworks near Huddersfield.
    It duly arrived packed into a van of scrap Moto Guzzis and was left at a friends garage where it has been to this day.
    Curiously when the bike arrived the seat was particularly grubby so the guy who delivered it spat copiously on it
    and rubbed the result into the surface ! , I therefore resigned never to visit a carwash in Halifax.
    The most interesting thing about the new ownership is the catalyst effect which has left me interested in wider
    travel just because I think the bike is more capable of it than my old machine, so it has changed my thoughts by
    just being what it is.
    Anyway, it has meant I bought your book, so that can’t be a bad thing.
    The upshot of all this has meant a plan to stray over to turkey this summer rather than the usual ‘France, Austria,
    Italy, etc. and also another plan to go to the HUBB meeting in Leicester and maybe the ‘Bucket’ trip to Cape Town.

    Sorry about the ramble but suffice to say I’m enjoying the book.
    Peter Clark
    Writtle , Chelmsford.

  2. Derek Mansfield March 28, 2014 at 10:48 am


    Very neat looking site Graham… love the home page photograph… did you get a model release from the rider ? Wish you all success with it 🙂 Best, Derek

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