I love set up day, especially when it only involves assembling a flat pack display table, and a pop up banner. Then just wandering around the final stages of preparation.

Generally production bikes don’t excite me that much when I first see them, I think I have conditioned myself not to like them as they are as out of reach as the lycra clad girls draped over them, but after about 10 years some of them start to grow on me (the bikes, not the Lycra clad girls…they just grow) and by then they are more in my price range (I’m still talking about the bikes) However something made my heart race and I kept going back to look, the Brough Superiors wow, I have no idea how much they are but I though well may be £10,000 so they are probable twice that. Wrong £52,000. Champagne taste, beer money, again. I just take some photos of them and I’ll post ’em tomorrow.

Set up day is full of anticipation, and the ‘how good is this location’ quandary, I think our ‘A world of Travel’ stand is well situated we can be seen from 3 walkways, the downside being is the noise from the FMX stage, but if it wasn’t that it would be something else.


I’m sharing with Craig Carey-Clich, Derek Mansfield and Duncan Gough. I think we will be a good team; we all have targets to make but know that it’s about the enjoyment of the journey rather than the sales driven destination.

I think this is about my 6th visit to this show, I know what it’s like and I know this time next week I will still have 2 days to go…that’s a daunting prospect. My big motivation is to generate some interest in pre-order of the Audio book and as I really have to meet my target. (Link on the home page of my website)

I have a B&B straight out of 1970, only with WiFi, the wallpaper is spectacularly horrendous as it the chair,

actually looking around it’s all pretty bad, definitely no Ikea catalogue in this house, I particularly like the wall mounted TV with its base stand still attached.

Anyway that’s my little room. And the story so far…apparently it’s still firework night in this Birmingham suburb.

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