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Monklet | Graham Field

Monklet has been my left hand man over most of the miles I’ve covered. He sits between the hand guard and the clutch lever wearing his crash helmet and a permanent smile. He reminds me that the best reaction to any situation is a smile; from corrupt cops to bureaucratic border crossings, in freezing rain and scorching desert. Monklet always smiles with a smile that has been quite infectious. On his page he shares some of his favourite moments.

Monklet Mongolia/Russia

Monklet on the Mongolian Russian border

Monklet Ace cafe

At the world famous Ace Cafe, London, with the attractive staff of the not quite yet world famous Adventure Bike Shop.

KLR and Monklet down

Still smiling despite the predicament.

Monklet xmas tree

Flashing a smile on top of the tree

Monklet licking up spilt sherbet

The debouched days of the US tour

Soggy Monklet

Full on soaking

Monklet nuts

Monklet nuts

Monklet Mongolia

With two distinguished Mongolian gentlemen

Monklet Mexico

Surfin’ by the Mexican Pipeline

Monklet Mexico

Making smiles in Mexico

Monklet Toy Story

Captivating the girlies

Monklet with Boorman

Say what you want but he’s not to famous to pose for a photo…with Charley Boorman

Monklet Kazakhstan

Having a wash in Kazakhstan

Monklet bungeed down

Ready to go or at least see where we have been, in his first location as we leave for South Korea

Monklet with Girl scouts

Telling his tales to a girl scout troop.

Monklet map reading

Making it to Vladivostok.

Monklet & friend

With a big cousin.

Monklet in Albania

Meeting a blackcurrant seller in Albania, she wasn’t totally at ease.

Monklet and friends in Mongolia

With the gift of friendship bracelets came the smiles.

Monklet watcging Deal or no Deal

Moving into the public eye and nothing was ever quite the same.



  1. patricia March 28, 2014 at 5:56 pm


    Loved Monklet’s view of your adventures. He is getting to be recognised all over the world.
    Keep it going, his smile says it all. M

  2. Pat November 3, 2014 at 9:54 am


    Loved looking at Monklet. He has had so many adventures with you. He could write his own book.
    Look forward to more.

  3. Alex March 19, 2015 at 10:09 pm


    Greetings Graham. Just found out about your books (Thanks Ted) and I am starting on Grass as soon as I finish Into Africa.

    I recommend as some point, Monklet have a play-date with Pleepleus, another one of my favorite traveling monkeys.




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