This news may be a week old but it’s new to me.

This link tells the story. HUBB UK

Sam Manicom has let everyone know that after 8 years of helping out he’s withdrawing from the organisation side of the HUBB UK. The post says they are looking for volunteers to fill the void he will leave.

hubbuk-logo-home-advspecAs a volunteer at the event last year I saw first-hand what goes into this. I was first on site on the Tuesday morning. When Sam arrived his panniers were full of folders. Instructions, plans, site maps and a year’s worth of preparation and bookings. I didn’t realise what a big deal it was. When we took it all down on the Sunday it was obvious how all that effort had made things run so smoothly; if you attended you’d know that. Taking on the responsibility of helping out requires time and effort. So I can see why Grant and Susan are looking for 4 or 5 people to fill his big well-travelled boots. Also the nature of the show means the attendees are always disappearing off on some dream fulfilling journey, long term commitment is not a character of that lifestyle.


I look forward to seeing Sam at HUBB 2016 when he’s not actually darting about all over the place and sitting relaxed behind a stand of his own books, or seeing some of the presentations. He deserves the chance to use his year differently and hopefully will see the event he has had a major part in building to this level continue to grow. Any volunteers out there want to get involved in a truly vivacious and international event? I’ll do the marquee bit again, but other than that…I can’t commit, can you?


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