So the unspectacular conclusion to the drama is, after a phone call a day from Eurobreakdown and its insurers, checking details and scenarios, I got an offer of £200, as an apology and compensation. Off guard and apathetic I accepted it. Game over.

However the big thing that came out of this was the power social media gives to the individual. I truly believe this is Facebook and Twitter working at their best, spreading the word, telling the truth and getting a reaction. My website had its best day ever, more hits than when I release a new book.
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Facebook reach was 8000 and shares were 40, I don’t understand Twitter but it was retweeted too.
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On a more personal note I was once again honoured to be part of this community, so many people offered to lend me a bike so I could still go to Bulgaria for the HU meeting this weekend. That was really touching.

Anyway I’ll try the trip again soon, only this time in a more familiar manner, I’ll take the faithful KLR, more time and no breakdown service. Because as I knew already and was reminded as this episode unfurled, help from genuine people can be found everywhere, and faceless-internet based-call centre-managed-registered abroad, companies are not worth bothering with, and social media will bring about their demise.

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  1. Hugo July 2, 2015 at 9:28 am


    It’s good to read that they ended up with their corporate tail between their legs at least.

    All the best for the revised, and probably far better, Bulgaria trip Graham.

    Where’s that new book? 🙂


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