Earlier this year I was hit by a divine flash of inspiration, the book storage gods made contact with me.

‘Make a boxed set of all 3 of your books’ they said, ‘make the box a replica of you pannier, add a free key ring and sticker; they said.

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‘But wont that make them very expensive I thought?’

‘No’ they said ‘sell the box for less that cost.’

‘So wait, I get a custom made box printed and key rings and stickers and then give them away, and reduce the price of the books too?’



‘Yes’ they said ‘and get them out in time for Christmas.’

‘What the hell do I get out of that’ I said?

‘Extra space’ replied the storage gods.

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‘But I can’t afford to do that, I mean I love that the books inspire people and that means more to me than profit but still, I’m not a charity.’

‘OK’ they said ‘just offer 200 as a limited edition.’

So here it is, if you (as a UK buyer) were to buy all 3 books individually they would cost you £38.97, but I am offering a limited number of pannier boxed sets, with key rings and stickers for just £37.99 including postage. Sorry non UK buyers, for you it’s a little more as it’s a heavy package.