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Appearances | Graham Field

hubb prez
OK in 2017 I was a bit reclusive but I’m back for 2018

Ace Cafe Adventure Day 18th March 2018



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  1. sandy miller February 23, 2015 at 10:24 pm


    Hi Graham it is the blind man.I know someone who is looking forward to your new release please let me know prior to letting Debbie know it makes for a good birthday/christmas present.I know that you no longer have to display your road tax disc however Debbie took great delight in her tax disc holder that she picked up from you,unfortunately she wrote her car off recently and was unable to retrieve her disc holder,do you have any left and if so can I have one please.I know that you are unlikley to be up in March and it looks like it is going to be the only big show in Scotland this year apart from thunder in the glen but I am sure our paths will cross again.
    Sandy Miller
    25 Hillview Avenue
    West Lothian
    P.S Debbie is fine after the accident,a bit bruised and swears she was only doing 20mph.Stay in touch


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